exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam

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exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam
exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam

Friends, there is just an atmosphere of competition everywhere, in this case every student wants that it is not easy to understand his Exam Me Top Kare and Exam Me Top Krna as easily as we understand

There is a rule for everything in this world, so studies can also be done by making rules, and then we can not stop the exam from top krne, every student wants that Exam Me Top Kaise Kare Or that Topper Kaise Bane

rules of topping the exam

Exam Top krne ke tips

exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam
exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam

This question comes in the mind of every student, how to study, how to study, and how to read the best number in the exam and then bring it to the Top Kare, then let me examine you at the top 10 best Tarike.

1- First rule –

Regular Study–

This is a very straightforward thing as if we do our daily work on daily basis like the sun comes out on its own time and every day it happens every time we should do our studies daily.

But many students do not read daily while exams come near then they start reading at night, it is not okay to do so. QQ has a bad effect on our health, so we should study on Regular Basis

2.Create timetable for study

Everything is time like eating food, going to school, getting exams on time, admission in new class at the time, i.e. fixes for a time in every work of the world, so we also have time for setting up Time Table Set should do

While setting the Time Table, it should also be kept in mind that Jyada times for study, then give time to study for every subject, and sometimes it happens that we are just one Only focus more on the subject, then the rest of the other subjects are left behind.

And we should also give time to write along with Study in our Time Table. In the Q exam, we have the Solve Question written in front of Examiner. Therefore, we should also keep writing along with whatever we read. Q By writing, anything gets set in the mind and our writing also becomes beautiful which is very important for the exam

3 .Care With Health

If we read whatever we read, it will come quickly in our understanding and if we remember it quickly, it is important for our health to be good. Q. If we are healthy, then whatever we read, we will understand quickly. Will also be remembered as well

As has been said of Q-

   ”Brilliant Mind always Lives in Healthy Body”

So it is very important for us to take care of your health along with your study

4 .Discussion about the study

When we read anything, whether our information is completely correct or we are forgetting something in the subject we have read, then to avoid such a situation, we should discuss the study in group with our classmates. Whatever things are going to be known, maybe our classmates know, while discussing, we will also come to know that our concept will also become clear, so we should continue to answer the question.

5. Stress in exam

As we all know, any work done in stress or Tension often gets damaged, so we should never take the Tension of our exam

Rather, we should focus all our attention on preparing the subject carefully and by doing regular study, then all our Subjects will be ready and then we can get the best number in our exam.

6. Early morning study

The time of morning is considered to be the best for study. This is the time when the environment around it is absolutely calm and a noisy to study, then read from the morning and read, the things read quickly.

Therefore, we should make a habit of getting up early in the morning and the question arises that if we studied till late night then how did we wake up early in the morning

So for this, when we study in the night, we should not study till late night, because of this it makes a difference to our sleep, which can lead to further adverse effects on health, so we should wake up early in the morning and read Should emphasize


exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam
All the buddies who want to get access to the study, love books that were the most effective formula altimetalli


This is the biggest problem with all of us nowadays that we can not take a moment without the Tv, Mobile Phone, Facebook or Whatsapp, which does not affect anything in our study

It is often seen that many people read them at Tv, Mobile or other places, so that our focus is not fully studied and it turns out to be so that whatever we read, we can not understand either Is it or forget it quickly

Therefore, whenever we study, all our attention should be on our books, we must follow this well.

8. Advice from your elder

To get any thing, we need to work in that direction and whatever we are doing or want to do is absolutely right, to solve the problem of such a problem, we should always be with you Should continue to take advice

Q: Maybe we are not making any mistake due to the stress due to our study or there is no shortage from us, should continue to share these bottoms with them.

So that we can get a better path for our study.

9.Focusing on your whole subject

This is the most important rule for the exam. Q If we enter our new class, then initially the lesson of the Subject is prepared very well, but the Joe Joe exam comes closer, we can not read the last chapter of our subject well or Due to short notice, they lose the Lesson

And when the question is asked in the examination, they are asked from the whole books, so that they do not have prepared our Lession, they are relieved of the question in the exam so we should pay attention to our whole books study

So if you want to also Exam Me Top Karna, then you will definitely miss your step if you pay attention to these EXAM ME TOP KARNE KE LIYE TOP 10 TARIKO

So thank you all with your wishes for a bright future and if you want to ask about the preparation related to the exam then you can ask in the Comment Box

exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam
exam ke time kase study kre or top kre har exam


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