Success Training khud le bada soche

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Success Training khud le bada soche

Success Training

This is not just a motorized article, it is a training article, today after reading this article you will become the owner of “think positive & think great”, I will give you some such training in this article. If friends want to move forward, then increase your thinking as the thinking will be bigger then the dreams will also grow and your audience will also grow bigger.

When many of us try to think big dreams, big thinking then there are some questions in our mind –
1. Why is it necessary to think big, what is the use of it?
2. Not from me, I just do not have
3. What will people say? “The Biggest Disease – What People Will Say”

Let’s talk about these points in turn –

1. Why is it necessary to think big- you remember, there was a drawing in childhood, in which a picture was made and we had to fill the color inside it. If the color went out of the line then the marks were also cut and there was a scourge. Friends, we have made our life something like that, we have created a boundary of a little thought around us and we are afraid to get out of that line, we have assumed that same life as our life. We do not take risks and we cut off our entire life in that sphere.

Well, if a person breaks his boundary by doing something bigger, then we are happy to see him – Wow, what’s the matter, where Banda has reached from where today, but he himself could never get out of his realm. We have made ourselves limited. If you want to break that radius then you have to think bigger, have big dreams, see big dreams.

fish-bowl5 What is the benefit of this? Friends, today I tell you a new trick, whatever your brain is, it tells you solutions according to your thinking.
Suppose you have to cross the river then what will come to your mind to overcome it – “boat”

Now, if you want to cross the sea, then what will come to your mind – “Ship of water”
Our mind gives us the solution as it is your mind. So the biggest benefit of big thinking is that you will start getting bigger solutions.

The second benefit of big thinking is that you reach somewhere better. Suppose you thought I would be the world’s largest doctor, so if you can not become the world’s largest doctor, at least they will become the largest doctor in Asia, if not even Asia, then India’s largest Doctors will become, and if you can not even become India, then at least you will become the largest doctor in your city and if you can not even become a citizen, then you will become a big doctor in your city or district. But if you thought that I had to become a small fat doctor then you would not be able to become a big doctor of your street in the city or district, will always remain a little thicker.

The advantage of the third big idea is that if you become a big man tomorrow, then the roti will reach for millions of people in your house. If you become a big singer, you will entertain millions, become a big doctor, save the lives of millions of people, if you become the owner of the big factory, then millions of people will get food because of you, millions of people will get jobs because of you.

2. It will not be from me, it is not just about me – always remember, every person who is successful today also started very little. Every major job starts with a small one. “Start small think big” Bill Gates started business from the backroom of his house and today the world’s largest company founded Microsoft. Our former President, APJ Abdul Kalam, used to divide the newspaper every day in his childhood and later became the world’s big scientist. The beginning of these people was small but thinking was always big. It is not that these people have never been scared or have never been discouraged, they will also have fear, they will also find the floor difficult, but there is victory ahead of fear.

3. What will people say? “The biggest disease – what people will say” – in our surroundings, we will find many people who will speak –
– It’s not just you
– Has seen your appearance

– Brother is not so easy
– See your marks, you will not even get a job

So friends, I want to ask you a question that you have more faith in these people or do you pay yourself? Do you know yourself better or do they know more about you? Do you want to run your life in your own way or in their way?

This life is yours, life does not let you repeat again, it is not going to be a rehearsal, this is the life which you lost, it went away. When you have the full potential, you are fully capable, why are you keeping yourself behind due to these people? People say work is to say

Just remember, even today, even when we were young, we had some dreams even today, but we were unable to complete that dream. Now, think about what your dreams are, if you are not able to achieve it, then how will you feel after 10 years from today.

So friends will have to change from today, thinking from today will have to be big. Swear this training with me today and write down in the comment that since today you will keep your thinking big.

Thanks !!!!


Dharmender kumar
Dharmender kumar


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